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Lawrence Igwegbe is MD and CEO Omni Contractors and Engineering. Lawrence holds a degree in pure and Industrial Mathematics, IPC proficiency in Insurance,. He is also a UK web development expert with specialist in website design and SEO frisking amongst others. Omni handles Church/home building from sketch to use. In line with this OMNI is partnering with 6, time-tested different Engeineers specialist in their respective areas and 5 different top notch professionals with their work force covering various aspects of church/home building and installations but not limited to the following: Electrical Engineering and installation, Sound/musical Engineering and installation for churches, Mable works, Tiling, Ceiling of all types, roofing, aluminum /glass doors and windows, high-tech doors, CCTV installation, CCTV video recording, Easy Worship... Projector/TV, Inter rocking blocks, plumbing, Building equipment hiring, All building materials supplies... Sand, gravel, granite, iron rods , iron beams/rails iron pillars, cement direct from cement factory to make it less expensive, Web development... Website and weblogs, database, interior decoration, church furnishing, longspan artwork for church other artworks for homes, painting and a lots more. ONCE MORE, OMNI CONTRACTORS AND ENGINEERING OCE IS ONE STOP SHOP FOR CHURCH/HOME BUILDING FROM SKETCH TO USE.

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