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aluminum case cd60 pump motor,compressor start capacitor 250V-330V
1.Product Introduction of the aluminum case cd60 pump motor,compressor start capacitor 250V-330V.
This aluminum case cd60 pump motor,compressor start capacitor 250V-330V was the latest invention high quality and offer 1 Year Warranty.It sealed in aluminum case,bevel terminal(with m3 soldering screw) for connections,different colors of PVC sleeve insulated.the production can be designed and made according to our customer’s special desires2.
2.Product Parameter(Specification) of the aluminum case cd60 pump motor,compressor start capacitor 250V-330V
Capacitance Range20μF—1600μF
Capacitance Tolerance0~ +20%
Rated Alternate Voltage110VAC, 125vac,165VAC, 250VAC,275VAC,330VAC
Rated Frequency50/60 Hz
Dissipation Factorstgδ≤ 0.10 tgδ≤0.15(20℃,100Hz)
Operating Temp.-40℃ ~ +55℃
Load Life+55℃,110~165VAC,1 second on,59 seconds off,After 30000 starts
+55℃,220~330VAC,1 second on,59 seconds off,After 15000 starts;
Capacitance vibration rate:Within ±15% from the initial test data;
Dissipation Factor:≤0.20
Surge Voltage Between Lugs(VAC)Applying 1.2 times Rated Voltage for 2 seconds.non-broken down. non-Explosion
Surge Voltage Between Lug and Case(VAC)2000VAC 10seconds non-broken down. non-Explosion
Ref. StandardIEC60252-1:2001
Quality SystemISO 9001:2008
ApplicationElectrical motor
3.Product dimension(Specification) of the aluminum case cd60 pump motor,compressor start capacitor 250V-330V
Note:Special specs are available on request
4.Product Feature And Application of the aluminum case cd60 pump motor,compressor start capacitor 250V-330V
Acknowledged for the high quality and high capacity of its capacitor, Chirx Electron is one of the professional aluminum shell type cd60 for motor starting capacitor manufacturers in China. Welcome to wholesale cheap aluminum shell type cd60 for motor starting capacitor with our factory.
5.Product Details of the aluminum case cd60 pump motor,compressor start capacitor 250V-330V
6.Delivery,Shipment And Service of the aluminum case cd60 pump motor,compressor start capacitor 250V-330V
Shipment: We can transport the capacitors with different air,by sea or by express
1. Exported to 58 Countries ,England,Egypt,Russia,Iraq,Poland and so on.
2. More than 90% customers make payment before meeting us!
3. Reorder rate up to 80%
4. Never sell any renewed capacitor.
5. Focus on middle and high-end market,we never seize market by using inferior material
6. With professional engineers research, we are the first factory to produce capacitor for 28 years.
Full Service
1. Quick response within 2-8hours, solve problems in 2 working days.
2. Visit our factory anytime, 24-hours phone call is available, ship all samples within 2-10days.
Reasonable Price
1. Own our own factory, no more mark up and resale price.
2. Aim at long-term cooperation, always offer our best price and best solution to you.
7,Standard Workshop
1. Customer: Are you a factory or a trading company?
Show: Capacitor factory.
2. Customer: How about your quality?
Show:We arrange the production quality according to customers' request.
3. Customer: What are your payment terms?
Show:30% deposit by T/T in advance,pay 70% balance when the products are finished.
4. Customer: How about the packing of this model?
Show: Carton packing.
5. Customer: About the customers response?
Show: They always become our regular customers.And become good friend.
6. Customer: What is your delivery time?
Show: It depends on your order.Normally 20-30days for standard.
7. Customer: How about the shipping time?
Show: Usually it will take 4-10days for Express,7-15days for Air,25-55days for Sea,it also depends on the destination area.
8. Customer: How do you guarantee your quality?
Show: 3000hours.But we can produce more life the capacitors.

9.Latest News
How to choose good quality capacitor? -Healing through the Customs shall conform to the national standard IEC60252-1:2001 standard of low-voltage shunt power capacitor, capacitor elements are verified before delivery, filter, qualified elements allow assembling capacitor. Entire capacitor capacity, loss, pressure resistance and insulation and other major indicators are tested, the appearance of factory is only allowed after they passed inspection.
Manufactured capacitors shall meet the requirements of the capacitor that comes with operating instructions specifications.
Capacitors within the warranty in case of breakdown, overheating, the obvious bulge, failure, suppliers should be reversed. And these manufacturers are committed to quality requirements. CHIRX ELECTRON is also committed.
Users often ignore instructions, precautions for use installation should carefully understand and comply. As we all know, the impedance of the capacitor is inversely proportional to the frequency. As the frequency increases, consumption increases. Circuit to take measures to restrict harmonics and inrush current. Capacitor always generate heat, pay special attention to ventilation and cooling. Information please visit: power transmission and distribution equipment.
Reactive power compensation devices after installation and commissioning process, to test the system, finding over voltage, over current, vibration, harmonics, etc to take timely measures, which is necessary for normal operation of the capacitor is.
Yueqing Chirx Electron Co.,Ltd is mainly specializing in the production of center grade capacitors.The company holds the idea that a company can only be successful with qualified material and products.We are looking forward for a good sales in the E-commerce platform.
Yueqing Chirx Electron Co.,Ltd provided clients with high quality capacitors.The high quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing technique guarantee that we received no quality complaint in the past 12 years.
We have a dream that our products can help client in completing the support chain,and make their purchase process simple.High quality capacitor is available just through a click.
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